Nada más surreal que la realidad


My virgin blog… And my virgin blog post!! Woohoo!!

I decided that there wasn’t already enough unnecessary information on the Internet. Clearly, there is a need for more… So with my ramblings on this blog, I’m hoping to fill that gap.

OK… I was being sarcastic.

Actually, to be honest, I feel a smidge guilty about releasing another yet blog into the world. We’re already living in a world of information overload. You click onto the news, you’re bombarded with stories of terrorism, murders, natural disasters… You click onto social media and you’re bombarded with everyone’s fabulous life..Everyone is a blog writer, reality star, starting a new business, expressing their undying love for their “friend” on Facebook, in a new relationship or incarcerated… And we’re expected to care and have an opinion about ALL OF IT!!

I worried about ISIS, I cared about earthquakes, signed every petition, supported every new business, gushed over every new relationship, cried more over the death of convicted heroin traffickers than deaths in my own family…. Eventually my brain ran out of bandwidth. I had too many windows open and it crashed! So I’ve been taking time out to reclaim ownership of my mind. I’ve been carefully filtering what goes in and reminding myself, “Yes, the it’s shocking what’s going on in Syria but I don’t have a solution. The earthquakes are terrible but what can I do? Fly there and start shovel sand? It’s great you’ve embraced veganism, but I don’t care… And it’s OK not to care!

So, it’s kind of hypocritical I guess starting a new blog, given what I just said. Instead of helping to find a solution to the problem, I’m merely contributing to it. My disclaimer is though, I have no sense of entitlement… I admit this is just rambling to help fill the time while I’m away. Afterall, there’s only so much rum or tequila you can drink, photos you can take or colonial arquitecture you can wonder over. I’m doing as a kind of diary aswell, for my own record. So if you too have ran out of bandwidth, don’t read! Turn off Facebok and go and do Bikram!

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