Day 4 in Vedado, Havana

I’m ashamed to admit that the past three days in Havana have been spent in a bit of a rum induced haze. Now that I’ve got the hang of my hood and know where to get everything (including large bottles of water) I haven”t needed to go outside of about a 200 metre radius from my place. The days have just been spent lazing around and the nights have been spent in the bars and clubs around here. One of my locals is The Cabaret Las Vegas.  It’s much better on the inside than the outside!!
I met another one the neighbours today, the lovely Lissi from apartment 406. She has a little business cooking breakfasts, lunches and dinners and doing laundry. I aksed her to prepare me some food and five minutes later (I’m not exaggerating) she was back with this feast: Three pork steaks, a kind of fried rice with lentils and what I think was pork belly, a plate of tomato and two little plantains!

Today, down on the Malecon was a free outdoor concert for a Puerto Rican singer, Olga Tanon. And that’s where I’ve been hanging today.


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