Last day in Havana

My last day in Cuba and I finally feel 100%… Thank God!

Meanwhile, I have a bin full of beans, rice and various meats and a kitchen full of bugs and flies buzzing around said beans, rice and various meats, me scouting around the streets like a criminal trying to find somewhere to safely dump the evidence and wondering how I got myself into this stupid situation. I think it may have all started with the soup… But anyway, “all’s well that end’s well”. The rice and bean nightmare is over for now.

Today was a great day… I was like a prisoner being released from my toilet prison. I feel sorry for the cleaning lady who has to clean up after four days of my diarrhoea.

I went and met the lovely Alejandro and Karmin and had a chat to them… Then, I just walked around the city, people watching, having some mindful moments and sitting in cafes drinking Mojitos (strictly NO ICE though… But I’ve got to say, warm Mojitos are pretty foul) and listening to the bands playing. At first I dismissed them all as being too touristic. Yes, they are put on especially for the tourists and it’s mostly tourists who go and listen but that doesn’t make them any less talented or any less amazing. The music was fantastic (well worth the diarrhoea) and seems to come so naturally and effortlessly for them.. It got me thinking about Australia and what we’ve got for talent… X Factor and the Minogue sisters??

It’s my second time in Havana so I knew exactly what to expect, and admittedly the biggest problem this time was just the illness but nevertheless I had a moment today thinking about the past 9 days and I thought if I had stayed home and gone to work for 9 days straight and painted the outside of the house in my spare time, then that would have been easier and far more relaxing! But anyway, it’s all about experiencing life… And even if it’s a bad experience, it’s all good because it makes you appreciate so much more what you have at home and how blessed you truly are.



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