Lazy days

Hmmm… So, I’ve been giving this vlogging thing a go.  I’m not entirely convinced though. Seeing myself in video is way too confronting!  It’s like, “Do I really look and sound THAT bad and no-one has ever told me??”  Anyway, I’ll ignore the voices in my head for now and post it anyway…


And by the way, here are those purple beauties in colour:



And some of the photos from the gallery:


Jiri Kovanda exhibition at MAZ

Here are some images from the Jiri Kovanda exhibit at the Mueum of Art in Zapopan.  
Yes… That’s right… These photos are of the exhibits. The division of the space where the exhibit was, was part of the exhibit but I wasn’t able to photograph that.

 I didn’t really know how to take it all.