Craft beer and grasshopper tacos

I was pretty chuffed by the spicy cow’s head soup I had last night… But is just keeps getting better and better!!

OK kids, so take your notepads and pencils out and make a note of this. That you means you, Beverly. This is the place…

It’s called Escollo at Queretaro 182 in Colonia Roma Norte in Mexico DF. And you need to ask for “tacos de chapulin, por favor”. And just take a look at these little puppies…

 They put so much white cheese, guacamole, chilli sauces and other things on that you really can’t tell what you’re eating. But anyway, they were good!! Actually only the first one is grasshopper. The second is pork and the third is fish.

Backtracking just a little bit… Last night was my last night at the Sacristy and Ander (the Catalan assistant) got me a free ticket to the Lucha Libre. That’s wrestling Mexican style! Essentially the only difference between this and other countries’ wrestling is that here the wrestlers dress up like the Village People … As in, “It’s fun to stay at the Y – M – C – A”. The atmosphere is pretty electric and the Mexicans REALLY get into it. There’s Latin music playing, an endless stream of food and drink sellers and people cheering and booing… But at the end of the day, however you dress it up, wrestling is wrestling is wrestling. You’re either into it or you’re not. Unfortunately I’m not. I was as a kid. I thought it was awesome. Now when I watch it though it looks so blatantly choreographed and rehearsed. There’s about a dozen moves so after you’ve watched about five minutes, you’ve seen everything. It went on for hours but I left after about 1 hour.

This morning I checked out of the Sacristy at about 9 a.m. All the gang were there to see me off. Even Paula, the daughter, came to say farewell. Everyone gave me a REALLY big hug and wished me well. Lourdes was the last to hug me and when she did, I completely lost it and burst into tears! I felt so sad to leave… These people are simply the most genuinely kind, warm, hospitable and friendly people you’ve ever met in your life. Anyway, it was off to the bus station and onto a bus bound for Mexico DF.

I like Mexico CIty but after mellowing out in Guadalajara and Puebla, it seems awfully frantic and impersonal. It’s only for one night though and then it’s off to Havana. It’s funny me going back to Havana. I spent a week there last year and at the end of the week breathed a huge sigh of relief when I finally boarded the plane. I hate to feel defeated and I figure that Havana is one of those places that’s better the second time around once you know they lay of the land and how to dance the Cuban Hustle. That’s what I’m hoping anyway. I’m diving in head first this time. I’ve rented … Or at least am hoping to rent, because I’m not sure if the guy will show up… an independent apartment just for myself in Vedado by the Malecon, outside of the main tourist area of Havana Vieja. Fingers crossed, but I’ve got a good vibe.  

So… Giddy up!!

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